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About Apex Leadership Co.

Starting with their Fayetteville, North Carolina franchise, Lenna works with Apex Leadership Co. (formerly Apex Fun Run) to develop a comprehensive, grass-roots marketing and sales strategy to support their mission: to collaborate with school PTO/As and faculty to build student leaders through a meaningful, “hassle-free,” and financially successful school fun run. After working with the Fayetteville franchise, Lenna provided graphic design and collateral support to nationwide franchisees in support of organic growth and brand recognition in new and expanding markets. 


Apex Leadership Co. knew that they needed a marketing and sales strategy to set new franchisees up for success in markets with existing competitors. With franchisees across the nation, Apex sought to provide them with a marketing resource to help craft their custom messaging in each region — and that’s when they made the decision to bring Lenna into the fold as a digital consultant. 


The Solution

After completing market research for all new and expanding franchisee locations, Lenna worked to build the fundamental building blocks of a sales and marketing strategy that would resonate with PTO/A leaders and teachers at schools in each region. Starting with the identification and expansion of buyer personas, Lenna worked to create a strategy that would work with both an all-organic and paid marketing implementation.

After the strategy was finalized, work immediately began on getting Apex into the market, including the creation of branded educational information, videos, social media posts, and region-specific email copy to support nurture campaigns. These campaigns helped new franchisees fill their calendars, and allowed existing franchisees to grow their regions to run concurrent events as multiple schools, expanding their growth potential to support multiple staff teams. 

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