How to Be Unique and Stand Out in a Digital World: The Complete Guide

You can easily become invisible in the digital world, no matter how much you invest in marketing. Competition is high and your peers are trying out the same tactics as you.

Even your targeted prospects may have seen a lot of offers to notice you. Digital experts say the average American internet user encounters up to 10,000 ads per day.

As an entrepreneur, you may have asked yourself this question. How can my brand be unique and stand out in the harsh digital world?

It may seem like an impossible challenge sometimes. But the more you strategize positioning, the better it'll be for people separating you from the bunch.

Check out this guide on how to be unique in the digital world.

Be Remarkable

In a Ted talk titled "How to Make Ideas Spread", Seth Godin reveals a secret on how to be unique. Seth tells brands to be remarkable. He argues that the only way to stand out from the crowd is to conceive something that can cause remarks ⁠— like the purple cow.

In his book, The Purple Cow, Godin insists that 80% of the new brands succeed because of unique offers. And not by advertising clout. He also cites IKEA and Google, which thrive because people everywhere talk about their products.

It's time you figure out what makes your business distinct. The trick is to integrate your unique aspects into your products and branding strategies like Apple. Think of a truly distinguishing quality that can stand you out from the crowd with other businesses.

Focus on Quality 

In the digital era, customers can get overwhelmed with offers. Thus, you may wonder if quality still matters.

The truth is, quality can set your brand apart and it's more important than pricing. One study shows that 53% of customers consider quality a more contributory factor than a product's price.

Also, customers want value for their money so you need to meet their expectations. In the eyes of the customers, quality denotes the best brand. Top mobile brands, such as Samsung and Apple, are more memorable because of their focus on quality.

Take note, quality not only applies to your products but also your digital content. You need to craft quality blog posts, videos, and social media posts to impress prospects. Your branding tools, such as the website, must also stand out to single out your business.

Improve Customer Service

Another strategy of how to be unique and stand out in a digital world is to improve customer service. Customers want honorable treatment and 96% of them say customer service influences their loyalty to brands.

How do you feel when your service provider doesn't pick your call? Or what if your Facebook or Twitter DM stayed unresponded for many hours? These types of scenarios are frustrating and stifle many brands' growth potential.

Word of unsatisfactory customer experiences spread fast and can bring down your brand. Always focus on making each customer happy.

Pick calls on time and respond or handle all complaints under posts professionally. Engage customers on digital channels through comments, shares, or liking their posts. It would be best if you also managed digital messages or online reviews on time to avoid complaints.

Show off Your Uniqueness

Being unique is about showing your brand's true colors. Think about what makes your company different from other brands and be sure to highlight this.

Maybe it's your product design or unique reason why you started the business. Whatever it may be, speak about it often and strategize a marketing plan to put it at the forefront often.

Also, note your unique aspects are the best weapon to gain an edge over competitors. You can't copy or succeed where everyone wants to be a copycat. Some of the most recognizable brands in the world focus on distinctiveness and boast about their approach.

Your distinct aspects could also be about your core values or personality. They can also be about your latest achievement in your industry.

For example, Ørsted reinvented its business model from a coal intensive firm to a 100% renewable energy provider. As a result, the company climbed 68 spots within one year to list on Forbes as the world's most sustainable company.

Embrace Social Responsibility

Many customers are willing to pay a premium for products from socially-responsible brands. So, CSR is no longer an afterthought but a pivotal response to consumers' demand for brand integrity and transparency.

Sustainability is not only a way of how to be unique but also a marketing tool. Most consumers are searching for brands that embrace their safety, health, and the environment. By being eco-conscious, you can imprint your brand in their minds for the long term.

With more customers favoring sustainability, you can use CSR to build engagement. Remember, you want to stand out from the crowd, and advertising your new approach can boost awareness. In 2018, Walmart used the same strategy when they aired an ad promoting environmental awareness.

Adapt to Satisfy Consumers

Did you know 88% of Fortune 500 companies that dominated between 1955-2014 are no longer recognizable? Most of these companies lost their spot to innovation.

Thanks to technology, the modern customer faces a million choices. They enjoy more options and information. Plus, the touchpoints are ever-increasing.

Meaning, the customer has all the power to choose or swap brands as they wish. For your brand to remain relevant, you need to respond to market changes. You also need to innovate or personalize your offers.

Do your best to understand the current needs of your audience. It would help if you kept in touch with the trends in your industry to make sense to your customers. And with new channels popping out daily, you should always track your audience to know what they use.

Learn How to Be Unique in Your Business

Figuring out how to be unique in business is actually about not trying too hard at all. You can use these tips to help you strategize but being authentic will put the icing on the cake.

Always think about your positioning and put your best foot forward when it comes to sharing your own quirks.

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