Facebook Sponsored Posts & More: 6 Facebook Benefits for Businesses

Facebook Sponsored Posts & More- 6 Facebook Benefits for Businesses

Are you trying to figure out the value of Facebook to your business? Don't trouble yourself anymore. Facebook is a powerful tool and it boasts of many features that can help your marketing.

You may not be familiar with Facebook sponsored posts but they can be the missing link in your marketing. They are simple to create and can deliver your message to a broader audience.

Using all the Facebook tools provides your business with tremendous power to promote products. Even without massive spending, you can be able to expand your market reach. If you're still unsure about Facebook marketing, read on to learn more about its benefits.

How FaceBook Sponsored Posts Help Your Business

Previously, you had limited reach unless you were savvy on Facebook ads manager. That's a massive limit for an ambitious brand. Well, Facebook sponsored posts changed the Facebook marketing scope. You can now reach a wider audience without creating ads.

Sponsoring posts allows you to take your message beyond your fans and friends. They are ordinary organic posts that prompt you to boost them with a simple click.

To set up a Facebook sponsored post, select your post, set budget, and duration. Then click "promote post". It's very straightforward and doesn't cost and the time of creating ads from scratch.

Can Facebook sponsored posts suit your business? Yes, as long as you have a business profile, this is an opportunity to boost your visibility faster.

1. Develop Brand Identity with a Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook page is the nucleus of Facebook marketing. Whether you want to share videos or begin blogging on Facebook, everything starts on the page.

Using a Facebook page can also link people to your website or Instagram page and help your backlinking and SEO efforts. It's like a podium to engage the thousands of Facebook users who are likely to find your page. Surveys show 2 out of 3 Facebook users visit a business page at least once a week.

An effectively set up Facebook business page boosts customer experience. Customers can click on the call button and reach your service team straightaway. Also, the business map on your page can help them trace your business.

Yet, a Facebook page works more effectively if it portrays the human side of your business. First, your posts need to be engaging and interactive. Users need to find a valid reason to comment, share, or like your posts. Remember, the better your posts, the higher the effectiveness of Facebook sponsored posts.

2. Improving Customer Service Through Facebook Messenger

Messenger is another popular messaging tool after Whatsapp. It has helped to ease communication between businesses and customers.

Recent research suggests people share over 20 million messages per month on the app. Good news for your business! Over 87% of smartphone users rely on messaging apps to communicate. Meanwhile, 65% of the same customers say they are likely to buy from brands that respond to chats.

Messenger enhances your accessibility and helps to improve customer service. Responding to your fans' messages earns you more trust and boosts your reputation. You can also follow up on chats later and fast track the closing of business deals.

And in case you don't want to risk your reputation, you can message customers in their inbox. This helps to cut the ripple effects of public conflicts and assures customers of their privacy.

3. Targeted and Effective Classic Facebook Ads

Facebook sponsored posts don't exactly have the same effect as sponsored ones. They don't include the high power of specific audience targeting. If you want to target demographics, it's best to use the traditional Facebook ads.

Facebook ads allow you to target people based on their interests, age, gender, location, and/or behavior. Even with a new Facebook page, you can reach over a million people who fit in your segment features.

The targeting capabilities of Facebook ads are in a league of their own. You can tune them to land in front of your exact audience. Instead of random Facebook users, you're able to target people who are most likely to buy your products.

4. Building Loyalty with Facebook Interest Groups

Facebook reports there are over 400 million people in influential Facebook groups. Unlike Facebook pages, groups comprise people with similar interests. Most people love the groups because of high engagement and productive interactions.

For businesses, groups enable data collection and customer engagement on a deeper level. You can study the user's interests from comments or questions in the groups and use them to your advantage. Taking part in the discussions helps you familiarize your brand with the group's fans.

Facebook has also declared its preference for groups in their algorithms. Thus, publishing on the groups can boost your organic reach and increase your visibility.

5. Captivating Your Audience with Facebook Story Ads

There are no guarantees people will view Facebook sponsored posts or visit your page. Others will lose interest in your group and cause a decrease in the engaged audience. Thanks to Facebook story ads, you can still pique their interest.

Facebook story ads appear at the top of every user's page and always attract attention. When they are attractive, users will click to have a closer and better look. They can help to keep your brand relevant and on peoples' minds daily.

Unfortunately, they can only last for 24 hours. And, if a user views them, they disappear fast to allow other users' story ads.

6. Run Live Promotions on Facebook Live

Are you thinking of launching a new product, hosting a conference, or a branding event? If yes, you've got a free tool to broadcast your launch to millions of people. Facebook Live allows you to create instant content and engage your audience faster.

It also helps to end the need for booking TV or radio space to promote your business. Consider adding live and unedited videos to your digital marketing plan. You can increase brand recognition and evoke positive emotions towards your new products.

Using Facebook Marketing for Your Business

Your business can benefit from multiple Facebook marketing options. From Facebook sponsored posts to Facebook Live, there's something that can work for you. Create a Facebook page to start navigating your promotions on the platform.

For help with creating a digital marketing plan that works for your brand, reach out to me today!