9 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Ad Manager (Now!)

You hire an accountant to do your business taxes. You may even hire a payroll service if you have multiple employees. They handle all the details for you and you can rest assured your business is taken care of.

Why not do the same for your Facebook ads? A Facebook Ad Manager knows the ins and out of Facebook ads and can help your business make the best use of its marketing dollars.

Here are 9 reasons why you need to hire a Facebook Ad Manager right away.

1. Reach More Potential Customers

First of all, if your company isn’t’ running Facebook ads it should be! According to Facebook over 1 billion, (that’s billion with a B) people actively use Facebook. Most users regularly check their Facebook page multiple times a day.

Chances are your customers are using Facebook too. A Facebook Ads Manager can help you tap into this market and increases your sales and leads among Facebook users.

Let a Facebook Ads Manager bring you up to speed on social media and digital marketing. Let them show you how you can tap into this market and increase your business with Facebook ads.

2. Target Specific Customers

I know what you’re thinking. “I’m an (insert type of business here) business. I don’t need to market my business to 1 billion people. I only sell to a certain type of customer.” 

Well, you’re in luck! Facebook has some of the best targeting capabilities around. Your Facebook Ad Manager can target your business ad based on interests, behaviors, demographics, age, location, language, and so much more.

Your Facebook Ads Manager can even show you how to target your competition’s customers. They can layer and combine all of these capabilities to make sure your ads reach exactly who you want them to and you are not wasting money showing ads to people who don’t need your company’s products or services.

You won’t find this kind of unique targeting options in other methods of advertising. Let a Facebook Ad Manager set up a campaign for you today.

3. Make Your Marketing Budget Go Further

Facebook ads are an inexpensive method of advertising for small businesses. Your Facebook business manager can help your marketing dollars go much further than if you buy other forms of advertising.

You can spend literally $5 on Facebook ads and reach a thousand people. Where else can you get those kinds of results?

Best of all Facebook advertising is fast. Once your ads are created by your Ads Manager and approved by Facebook you can start seeing immediate results.

4. Increase Your Website Traffic

Facebook advertising can boost traffic to your business website. Your Facebook Ads Manager knows how to connect the two and make them work together to get you the results you are looking for.

They can also keep track of all your traffic for you and help you learn more about the demographics of the people who are visiting your website from Facebook using a Facebook Pixel. With this information, your Ads Manager can optimize your ads making them even more successful for your business.

Yes, you can indeedincrease your web traffic in a variety of different ways but not of these other methods has the precision and cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertising when properly managed.

5. Increase Leads and Sales

You’ve got a business to run. You don’t have time to chase down every potential lead and hope they turn into a sale. Let your Facebook Ads Manager handle this task for you.

Facebook advertising isn’t a fantasy. It actually works. Anyone who says it doesn’t work isn’t managing their ads properly.

Hiring a Facebook Ads Manager can help boost your business’s leads and sales. They will dig into your ads and make sure you are getting a profitable return on your investment.

6. Facebook Ad Manager Keeps up With Changes

Facebook is always evolving and making changes. Overnight they could come up with new rules for their advertising or change their algorithm, They are also constantly adding new features and tweaking old ones to keep up with the current user trends.

A Facebook Ads Manager is always up to date with the latest rules, updates, and changes. They spend a good chunk of their time running ad campaigns and they have their ear to the ground for possible changes in the future too.

Save time and always keep up with the latest changes by hiring an Ads Manager to do all that for you.

7. Save Time

No matter what type of business you run there are only 24 hours in the day. Business owners wear many different hats and balancing work, finances, marketing, and family life can be challenging.

You hired an accountant to help you with your taxes because you probably don’t have enough time to do them yourself. It’s the same when you hire a Facebook Ads Manager.

Your Ads Manager will set up your ad campaigns for you and help you get the best results. This frees up time for you to take care of other things.

8. Eliminate Stress

Is your Facebook Campaign objective to collect leads or build awareness? And what is a look-a-like audience anyway?

Save yourself the stress (and a few headaches) from dealing with Facebook ads. Your Ad Manager knows all of these terms and can help you implement the best campaigns to meet your business goals.

9. Your Competition is Using a Facebook Ad Manager

Yep, that’s right, your competition is probably using a Facebook Ads Manager. They are digging in and creating ads that target your customers.

Don’t allow the competition to steal your customers! Hire a Facebook Ads Manager today.

A Facebook Ad Manager Can Boost Your Business

Facebook is a great place to advertise your business. Talk to a Facebook Ad Manager today to get started with a Facebook campaign to reach your company’s objectives.

Lenna Price Zitter is a digital marketing expert that helps companies develop, streamline, and automate their digital strategies and increase their revenue.

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